14 September 2010

Hair Whoes

A month ago I stated  that "I have decided that I would like to use this blog to chronicle my journey to longer and more healthy natural hair".  Well I changed my mind. I want to keep this blog going in the direction it was intended but I will post and comment often on where I am in my hair journey.
I'm still working on regimen and experimenting with what works for me. I have become a product junkie and the beauty supply store is becoming my #1 favorite spot.

I have been torn between continuing this journey with natural hair or giving in to the creamy crack and just trying to maintain healthy hair that way. I have been researching and browsing all the natural hair blogs and sites out there. There's so much info out there that I'm overwhelmed.
I have been reading post and stories of other women who are transitioning or are already 100% all natural.  They tell about there experiences good and bad and the support they have. Most of these women married or engaged. When asked how family and friends received this new them. Most of the women say their husbands love their new hair. Some said their husbands didn't care or that they were supportive. This made me wonder how my fiance would feel about my new curly hair. Through out my transition and now it has been a lot of curly ponytails, buns, straight ponytails, and wearing it straight.  I have been doing a few twist outs and want to experiment more but I'm afraid of how much volume my hair will have. I am too terrified to do a wash an go because I know as my hair completely dries and with the heat and humidity we have been having. I will accumulate Big Hair.  I have seen pictures of other natural sister who have done the wash and go, twist out, and braid out styles and their hair is big and gorgeous.. I get extra attention, winks, a little more flirting and compliments from B when I wear my hair out, mostly straight and when I let it grow without chopping it  off. He favors my hair longer. I think that had a lot to do with me being afraid to rock the big hair, I even asked him how he felt about big hair and he wasn't a fan but he didn't say he was against it either. He complimented my first attempt at a twist out and said he liked the curly ponytails. I told him how I wanted to try other styles but was afraid of how big my hair might get and that I didn't want to walk around looking like I have a dry afro. I didn't tell him that his approval played a role in how I felt about it. Labor day weekend we were chilling in the house and I washed and DC's my hair. I rinsed out the DC then reconditioned with Shea butter leave in and brushed my hair with the denman, I was sure yet what I wanted to do with my hair so I tied a silk scarf to the front of my head and pushed my hair back to keep it out my face until I figured out what I was gonna do. It turned into a lazy Sunday and I just chilled in the house a ran a few close errands after awhile my hair had dried. I hadn't paid it much attention but B noticed my hair dried and he said "that's not so big I kinda like it". I looked in the mirror and my hair was doable. Not too big at all. With the right amount of product to help define my curl and control frizziness I think I can do this and I believe I will have his support. Boy did I under estimate him and what I thought he preferred and liked. Now know that I believe that I will have his support in this journey I think I can allow myself to be more open to trying some of these styles that I'm deathly afraid of.  I know as time goes by and the more my hair grows the bigger it will get but maybe I will be completely out of my box and carefree by then and wont care. ( I hope) We shall see.

I still love my hair straight and I have researched a few things that will help me achieve that "relaxed" look.  While maintaining natural, moisturizes and healthy hair. At the same time helping me to grow my hair out and gain new length.  I just don't want to dry my hair out and have a lot of shedding and breakage because I'm using so much heat from all the blow drying and flat ironing. So to achieve this I want to try the Mizani Thermasilk 4 step system but I'm gonna invest my money and try the DivaSmooth Kit first. I have read reviews and seen YouTube clips about both products and it been all good. Diva Smooth is more expensive but it last longer (4 weeks) so i want to try that then maintain it with the Mizani System. I also want to dye my hair (get rid of this blonde) and deep condition my hair with henna very soon.

I have yet to create a regimen. I'm still learning and experimenting with products and protective styles for now. I know there are some must have things that I plan to purchase in the near future to get on the road to healthier hair first. As I go that route I'm sure to learn what works best and doesn't work at all for me. I'm still working on setting a schedule to stick with as far as my weekly and mini me's weekly hair care. I think Sunday and Wednesday evenings for mini me and maybe Friday and Tuesdays for me. I'm beginning to really really love and appreciate me hair again. Its still trial and error but I cant wait to see my result 6 months to a year from now.
Wish Me Luck!

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

PS...Its really late and Im tired I will proofread and edit this post and the previous post in the morning.

Getting On Track (lengthy)

Wow so much has happened since my last post in August. I swear I'm gonna get better at this. I celebrated a birthday (30 part 2). That Friday I went out with my lil sister and a few friends and partied at Ibiza. I had a blast my dad and a very good friend of mine from my high school years I haven't seen in a few years even came out. I was happy to see and reconnect with her. That Saturday I had a little running around to do then me and my fiance went out to dinner at Fogo De Chao. We had and awesome time together and ate plenty. I had to work the following day so I stayed home. The following week was quite busy. My sisters' birthday was Thursday and both my parents birthday was that Friday. My mom had a party a Jordan 8 in Eastern Market. My fiance and I went together. My lil sister came out , my cousin Shay who I barely get to see now or hang out with and few other family members and my mom's friends whom I haven't had the opportunity to see in a while or party with. We had a lot of fun that night. I spent the night with my fiance since mini me was at his house. The next day we went to a cookout and took the kids and our godson too.  I left a little early but left mini me with my moms because I was going out with my lil sister to help her celebrate her birthday. Got home, showered, dressed, did my makeup in record time. Just enough time to get to the club find a parking space and  meet my sister in line just as they were letting her in. It was kinda empty at first but the crowd started to build and the drinks were flowing. I stayed sober enough to keep my eye on little sis and to get home safely. The next day I had to work a mystics game. I was kinda tired but I made it through the evnt without falling asleep.

The following weeks were spent with the kids shopping and getting them ready for school. Mini me and her brother both started new schools. Mini me loves school Im not so sure about her brother and how he feels about his new school.. The supply list was a bit much and there have been a few hiccups I'm not too happy about. But I decided to give them a few weeks to get a routine and get all the kinks out. The bus route in the morning as far as pick up and drop off times has been a work in progress. Her bus driver is a character but I'm learning to work with him.  I'm excited about this school year as well. I'm already noticing what she is learning and that makes me happy to know that she is learning. She also started dance again this season and her dad  added a new class to her schedule. Hip Hop The Class. So now after ballet and tap she has a 45 minute break and the the hip hop class. So she is there from 10am to 2pm every Saturday. Thank god its free because she won the contest last dance season so she got 3 free classes this season.  I cant wait to see what the theme for the recital will be this time. I'm real proud of mini me's growth and the direction she is headed in.

Me and FI are doing very well. Our relationship is actually improving very much so. We are trying to bring the bliss back. Hugging more. Kissing more. We are talking things out more spending more time together (just us) and all is well. I'm still learning more and more about him and we still laugh at some of the things we refuse to get comfortable enough to do around each other. We have reached some milestone and we some things we are working on but not ready to share with the world yet. Its still a work in progress. We will open up and spread the news when the time is right. So stay posted. I'm happy for us and the direction we are headed in as well. Its a journey I must say. We've come a long way.

We took a break from the dreaded house hunting every weekend and just decided to live and enjoy the rest of the summer. Now that the kids are in school and int o the weekly routines with school, extra curricular stuff, and family time. We are ready to get back out there and start looking again. We meet with the realtor this Saturday and I'm excited about that.

Well this post is quite lengthy and I promise to do better about posting more. And staying up to date and on track.

Until Next Time Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

12 September 2010

This and That

I like these

And He Likes Those

I prefer this:

And He prefers that

That Is All!