24 September 2012

Feeling Lonely!

This may sound odd but I feel more lonely now living together than I did when we were apart.
At least when I was in my own place I was use to him not being around as much and had things I could engage myself or fun stuff mini me and I could do together. Well that is not the case anymore 80% of my belongings are in storage so I really don't have access to all my things like I would like to. I love his family so don't get me wrong when I say this but I don't and I have never felt "at home" here everyday feels like an extended weekend that just wont end. I've tried to do things to make me feel at home or to at least adjust to make it more comfortable but that's a fail. It's one thing to share a space with your spouse and kids but there are 3 other couples with kids besides us living in this house. While the house is big its not big enough. I have no personal space and I feel confined to a room everyday after work. It also sucks that if I want to cook a meal or bake I have to wash 2 sinks and a counter full of dishes before I even have a decent enough space to do so. Then I'm made to feel guilty and look selfish if Im not cooking for everybody. Woe is me.
Originally written 9/24/2012

09 September 2012

Guess Who's back! Im gonna try this one more time. (9/24/2012)

Well Well Well. I have been wanting to get back to blogging for a long time.  I fell off  from  keeping my blog up as well as the ones I was following and reading. I have had so many blog post that I wanted to publish and so much I wanted to share but I just never got around to it or I got side tracked. So now Im trying to play catch up on reading and then get back on track with my blog.  It's not like I have any followers so I can make this a fresh start.

Life has been busy.
So much has changed in my life in the last year. Mini me is now in first grade. My landlord decided to sell the house I was living in. So my aunt who lived down stairs moved to B-more and we moved to Clinton.  My intial thought was to get another apartment but my "Mr." decided we should move in with him at his sisters house. So we have been here a year and the house hunting is still on. We kind of put it on the back burner for a minute because I had to adjust to the living experience here. Thats a post for another day I promise.

 I can now say that I am officially a cops wife. We finally got married after a 6 year engagement and 8 year courtship. I must say we have called the wedding off atleast 3 times in the last year but " I's Married Now"!

We have been married 291 days (as of 3/13/2013) now. I'm still going by my maiden last name. I plan to hyphenate both names. He doesnt seem to be bothered by it. Mini me has my maiden name and right now we have decided not to change it.  She is just learning how to spell and write her name so we dont want to complicate things more for her right now. So we will give her that option to keep or change her last name once she is a little older. Married life pretty much seems the same as before we got hitched. Only difference now is that I really have to discuss major issues with him other than just acting on whatever the issue is. Its been a challenge because even with things concerning our daughter I made the decisions and just informed him of what they were. If it concerned something ongoing or that required something from him then i would discuss before I slammed the gavel. More on that and what going on now in my life later. I had to get this post out because I've been sitting on it for awhile. I'm ready to get the ball rolling and get this blog thing going once more. I really need this outlet in my life.

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses