18 January 2011

Happy New Year!


I know. I know. I'm late. But Hey, better late than never, Eh!
I promised to do better and blog more and I did just the opposite. I've kinda took a hiatus for a few months (5). My apologies but life got kinda hectic and the blog fell on the back burner.  I've had lots to say but when I get to my laptop (I got a new one now) I draw a blank as to where to even start. Then when I wanted to jot down my thoughts to post later on the iTouch it wanted to act retarded ass retarded. I'm back now but I cant promise that its 100% yet. I have a few things to blog about in the upcoming days/weeks. Which should help if not aide in my overall quest for happiness.

I guess a recap/update on whats been going on in my life is due so I can get the ball rolling with the new things. I have so much to cover.I may have to break them down into individual post so you wont get overwhelmed.
Wow. Where do I start so much has happened.

*Hair whoes- this wont be a hair blog anymore

*Mini Me turned 5 and had a very fun Pump IT UP Party and got her own personal pink tree for Christmas

*I was really in a funk around and about the holidays not having a tree at home or having dinner at my home with family and friends, not being in the new home so I could really get in the spirit and decorate my own home

*The dog is on my nerves I'm about to send her to a temp home (my moms house) for a while

*I been working like a slave to get that extra $$$ for the holidays now I'm drained and still not done collecting $$

*I have new plans for the blog and I'm going back to its original direction

*I don't have a resolution but I will share what I looked forward to from 2011

*Houston, we have a wedding date and we are moving forward. So some post will be wedding related but this will not be a wedding blog.

More to come soon!

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses