13 February 2011

Hair whoes and month of November update

Hair whoes and month of November update.

Well my and Mini Me's haircare has fallen to the wayside. I just don't have as much time as I did during the warmer months to put towards a new regimen. I still co wash and wash mini me's hair biweekly and style it twice a week to keep it fresh for school and anywhere we may venture on the weekend. I have gotten over these last 2 months regarding her hair care.
The week of Thanksgiving (which was also her bday) up until the new year she has had her hair in 3 different style of cornrows

She had a little whip my hair style going on and 2 variations of a faux hawk.

Baby was tired.

Now we are back to plats and braids. Her hair is healthy and growing.

 When her hair is fully stretched it's a little above her waist but beyond BSL. I'm still learning what works best in the winter for her hair but I'm happy we got this detangling down pack.

02 February 2011

Wordless Wedding Wednesday



01 February 2011

Something New- 30 Days of Truth

Told ya I was going in a new direction this year. I found blog challenge on a few other blogs and decided to hop on the bandwagon and give it a go myself.
Perhaps this will help me find the old me faster.
So here goes.

Day 01--- Something you hate about yourself

Well hate is such a harsh word. I think if I hated something about myself that mean I have hate for myself. I Love Me! So lets use the term dislike.

Well I dislike when I procrastinate and/or get side tracked.
 My face would probably be more clear had I not procrastinated on setting up an appointment with a dermatologist months ago.
My apartment would be much cleaner if I cleaned more during the week instead of putting it all off till Sunday. I just let stuff pile neatly and say I'll get it Sunday. I live with it because my excuse is always "the messy 5 year old"
I would spend more time in the family room if I was okay with its appearance. It looks like a messy daycare center. My daughter has toys everywhere and my furniture doesn't really match me or the room. I keep planning to box up and gift or freecycle the toys she doesn't play with, get rid of my furniture and box up all the things on my bookshelf. Of course I just keep saying I'll live with it until its moving time and get rid of stuff then. But I'm unhappy with it now.

I'm a work in progress I have been trying to arrange a few days for mini me to go away so I can attack the toys uninterrupted. But somehow when I go to drop her off I end up staying.  Other than planning for her to be away. I plan to challenge myself to throw away or give away things I don't want or need. I work better when I write things out so I may need to sit down and prioritize my life according to my calendar. A few vision boards could help to. I just have so much that needs and I want to do I'm getting overwhelmed just trying to decide where to start first.

I'll get it together soon. I HAVE TO!

What do you hate about yourself?
Will you join me and participate in the 30 Days of Truth?
Day 02- Something you love about yourself.

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

PS. I sent 2 previous post prior to this via iTouch but now I see they are lost in cyberspace. I will find them and repost.