02 August 2010

Another Direction

I have decided that I would like to use this blog to chronicle my journey to longer and more healthy natural hair. I haven't had a relaxer since October 2008. I tried again after having Senegalese twist in my hair for 2 months in 2009 but the relaxer didn't take. So I have been transitioning for about a year. I didn't do the BC but I did have 2 to 3 inches at a time cut off twice.
I have yet to create a regimen. I'm still learning what products work best for me.With school starting I haven't set a schedule to stick with as far as my weekly or mini me's weekly hair care. I love my curly ponytails and I have done twist outs twice. They were OK but could have been better. I know this next month or so will be trial and error. I cant wait to see my result a year from now.

Below  a few pics of how far Ive come and where I am now.

August 2009
October  2009

December 2009

April 2010 (last BC)
May 2010 (curly ponytail)

June 2010 (first twist out)

July 2010 (2nd attempt)

And my current length and color for August 2010 (below). It touches the top of my shoulders. Thats was my birthday pic. By the time I took this pic Humidity and Sweat had  its way with my hair.