10 June 2011

My Heart Aches Again!

Last week the cousins of my fiance were murdered by a crazy, stupid, selfish ass, bastard with no regard for life. Wynetta was so young (20 years old) and her daughter's life was just beginning as well.  Jaylin would have been 1 on June 6, 2010. 
They both were laid to rest today and my heart still aches for them. Especially her 4 year old daughter Janiya that was left behind without a mother and sister.  When you say your prayers tonight please say a prayer for my fiance's family, that they may have the strength to get through this rough time together.

A friend of mine posted something on her facebook page that has been on my mind all day and  I wanted to share.
"... its crazy out here, life I mean..I swear that I feel Death creepin all around cuz one minute you here, next minute you can be GONE! STRAIGHT LIKE THAT! So if you in LUV, BE IN LUV..if you wanna MAKE UP, HURRY UP, if u wanna leave or change and START OVER, DO IT, and if it aint worth it, LET IT GO cuz this life is waayyyyyy too SHORT!! Everybody be safe and give love unselfishly <3"
Well said Shamona, Love You Girl!

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses