13 February 2011

Hair whoes and month of November update

Hair whoes and month of November update.

Well my and Mini Me's haircare has fallen to the wayside. I just don't have as much time as I did during the warmer months to put towards a new regimen. I still co wash and wash mini me's hair biweekly and style it twice a week to keep it fresh for school and anywhere we may venture on the weekend. I have gotten over these last 2 months regarding her hair care.
The week of Thanksgiving (which was also her bday) up until the new year she has had her hair in 3 different style of cornrows

She had a little whip my hair style going on and 2 variations of a faux hawk.

Baby was tired.

Now we are back to plats and braids. Her hair is healthy and growing.

 When her hair is fully stretched it's a little above her waist but beyond BSL. I'm still learning what works best in the winter for her hair but I'm happy we got this detangling down pack.

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